It is a platitude to say that linguistic competence is insufficient to translate highly specialist legal texts: a thorough knowledge of the legal systems intrinsic to both linguistic areas, the ability to skillfully use law and case law databases and – last but not least – strong writing skills are all essential prerequisites for producing top quality texts that meet today’s stylistic standards.

Why choose us?

  • Experience – tens of thousands of pages of highly specialist texts, from draft laws to the handling of complex international disputes to everyday translation and interpreting services provided to law firms in Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Expertise – Weronika Sobita, the owner of, is the author of academic papers on the language of law and a teacher training students and fellow translators on the various aspects of legal translation;
  • Confidentiality – while we do take advantage of the state-of-the-art tools used in the translation industry, unlike the majority of other providers we always apply them in a way that guarantees the confidentiality of client’s source documents and the translation. Strict document handling and data security procedures provide an additional assurance when it comes to the privacy and confidentiality of your materials.
  • Quality – we have listed it just in case, because to us it is self-evident that quality always comes first!

What else? We’ll also be happy to help you with your certified translations.

Art & Art Market

“Beauty will save the world”, claimed prince Myshkin, one of the protagonists of Dostoevsky’s ‘The Idiot’. In the 21st century, beauty no longer defines art, but we certainly expect texts about art to be beautiful. Art is an exceptional topic, and texts about it must be written with connoisseurship, passion and love. Connoisseurship, passion and love are also needed to produce a good translation. Vast general knowledge spanning art history, contemporary art, as well as technicalities related to artistic production are all very rare competences that are hard to come by in the translation market. At, we proudly boast of expertise in the field of art. But most importantly, we truly love it, and our translations testify to that.


Why choose us?

  • Experience – exhibition catalogues, monographs and scientific papers on art history, the conservation and restoration of artworks, architecture and urban planning – by choosing us you gain access to years of experience in the translation and editing of specialist publications commissioned by art institutions and universities;
  • Expertise – proficient use of terminological resources is a fundamental skill that all translators must master, but the development of such resources is a real challenge. Weronika Sobita, PhD, the owner of, worked in a team that developed a multilingual Dictionary of Conservation and Restoration of Easel Paintings – an international project financed by the Polish National Science Centre – and is one of very few experts as regards specialist terminology in this field;
  • Professional editing – scripta manent – written words remain; this is why before our translations are sent off to a printing facility they go through the process of multiple thorough checks which involves verification, editing and proofreading.

What else? Planning a conference or an event about art, art history, conservation or restoration? Ask about our interpreting services.

Clean Energy

Clean air without smog is not a daydream but a realistic, attainable goal. We know something about it here, in Krakow?. This is why we proudly support businesses investing in renewable energy sources that make our homes and industries greener. If you operate or plan an investment in a wind or solar farm and need a reliable provider of translation services, contact us.

Why choose us?

  • Experience – from environmental decisions and expert opinions, avian and bat fauna monitoring reports to technical and legal documentation – we have accompanied our clients in the development of tens of investments in wind and solar energy.
  • Expertise – meadow pipit, substation, an SPV contract? Each of these topics will be handled by a specialist translator working in our small, dedicated team.
  • Professional advisory – investments in energy involve assembling heaps of documents which typically do not need to be translated in full. We will help you decide what really needs to be translated to ensure that your investment proceeds smoothly, without delays and unnecessary costs.

What else? You need to sign a notarial deed, contact public authorities or maybe are planning a corporate event to celebrate an important milestone for your company? We’ll be happy to provide you with sworn interpreting or conference interpreting services.


Corporate services

Financial statements that need consolidation, amendments to the articles of association, updates to your website, new bylaws? We’ll be glad to handle your translation-related tasks for you and provide you with comprehensive corporate services spanning specialist and certified translation, interpreting, and sworn translator services.

Sprawozdanie finansowe do konsolidacji, zmiana umowy spółki, aktualizacja strony internetowej, nowy regulamin? Z przyjemnością zapewnimy Twojej firmie bieżącą korporacyjną obsługę tłumaczeniową, obejmującą tłumaczenia pisemne, ustne i usługi tłumacza przysięgłego.